Heidi McPhillips


 Massage Therapist




Hello! Thank you for your interest in massage and my practice! 

I am new to the San Antonio area having moved here just last fall with my husband and our two dogs.  I spent over 20 years working in property management becoming more and more stressed out as the years went by!  The only thing that got me through the stress of the last five years was massage! I just couldn’t picture myself being so stressed for the rest of my life so I left that career behind and decided to become a massage therapist.  

I attended massage school in Mechanicsburg, PA and began my practice in Carlisle.  I teamed up with a local Chiropractor and learned many valuable techniques in relieving muscular tension and dysfunction.  I have no “set” massage that I offer, instead I like to speak with you, the client, prior to our session and tailor a massage that is right for you that day. I am experienced in various techniques from Swedish to trigger point therapy. 

If you are looking to relieve stress or work out some major muscular tension I hope you will give me a call.  I know I can help you feel better today! 

Visit my website for a list of services.